Chelsea Vivash & Adriana Jaros for A LINE

For the first A LINE object we have collaborated with, London-based artists, Chelsea Vivash and Adriana Jaros. Taking inspiration from the elements that are integral to each A LINE collection, the duo created a pair of wooden sculptural vessels with real wood marquetry veneer.

A strong connection between these two-dimensional shapes and the resulting three-dimensional pieces, using the woodworking technique of marquetry in a contemporary and dynamic way.

As a starting point for the pieces, they looked at the lines and curves of pattern pieces used in A LINE collections, as well as the textures and colors of their fabrics.


Chelsea’s practice has developed from an appreciation for the shape color and texture of everyday objects, often exploring the boundaries of function and non-function.

Her most recent work combines her love of both drawing and handmade.

Together with Venezuelan-born, Adriana Jaros, Chelsea created imaginary landscapes that combine their love of color and shape, manifesting in a range of delicious marquetry pieces.