A  LINE is proud to unveil our latest collaboration with the renowned design duo Garcé and Dimofski. Their work has been a source of inspiration for our own collections. As a contemporary brand, we confidently reinvent ourselves to incorporate timeless transformations while maintaining our identity. This capsule collection showcases unique and exclusive pieces that have been meticulously hand-painted in our studio.

Garcé and Dimofski have expertly reinterpreted some of our iconic pieces from a sustainable perspective, revitalizing their essence. The re-propositions are developed from the A  LINE archives and present reimagined styles with stunning details, such as beautiful prints and a distinctive brand tag, alongside the unmistakable elements of the A  LINE DNA.

The collection includes a cropped trucker jacket, high-waisted jeans, a blue denim shirt, cargo pants, large trousers and embroidered button-down shirts, all made from raw and organic materials. Our innovative spirit and creative responsibility are reflected in the multifaceted identity of our craftsmanship. Our garments are versatile and embody the perfect blend of surface and structure, showcasing our commitment to excellence and innovation.

A  LINE’s Garcé & Dimofski capsule collection directly relates to A  LINE's strategy of sustainable luxury by reinterpreting key styles in a circular approach.

Photography by Inês Silva Sá