Why we are lowering our prices


Starting A-line, we knew right away this was going to be intense; but nothing prepared us for the path ahead. The 20 years of private label and textile production experience, making perfect garments weren´t enough to give us a sense of all the work, investment and time it consumes to produce and develop a brand, carving its own path and with its own voice.
We take a lot of pride in ourselves because, with each message, post, look and fabric we put out there, we feel we’re one step closer to achieving our purpose: to contribute to all women felling free of judgement, natural, valued and enough.

The cost of our clothes reflects the time consumed, quality of fabric and craftsmanship, logistics, salaries and store fixed costs. We are in this to create clothes that will endure the test of time and there’s no better feeling knowing you’re wearing an A-line garment to your most special moments in life.

These are different times. Not worst, not better, just different. At A-line we had to adjust, discuss, meet digitally, get angry with each other and overcome differences of opinion. The truth is only with love, hard work and positivity we can come out of this 2020 year with our heads held high and sense of job well done.
Like the rest of the world, we’re galloping through this crisis with a big responsibility: support and protect employees, company and customers. Therefore, we have decided to lower our prices on selected items until this pandemic is resolved and people can go back to their normal lives.

Please understand the time for buying stuff you don´t need has to stop. Buy only things are necessary or things that mean something, so you can continue to value them overtime. And, at least for us, a great fit shirt with comfortable, washable and strong fabric can make one feel a lot better than a disposable one.

Born and raised in Portugal, in the land of textiles and production, we take great pride on being part of a national movement that, actually, cares about design and functionally, changing the perception about this great nation that is Portugal and the Portuguese. The truth is, we couldn´t do it any other place, because it’s our roots that makes us who we are.

Thank you for supporting small businesses like ours and hope to hear, read or chat with all of you in the future.

Lots of love,
A-line Team

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