Style-conscious for Community driven individuals

“Fashion is considered as a complex social practice in which challenges to reform appearances as a strategy of refusal or simply disinterest in the dominant culture that surround us.”

Joseph DeAcetis, Forbes

That’s why there are some people, creatives, that take on the crusade to reform and change the status quo, just because they don´t agree with the way we relate to one another and our surroundings, in a ongoing synergy between the consumer and brands, allowing them to evolve.

Luxury and its definition has shifted. For example, the social acceptance of sportswear for almost all situations – finally – has influenced the direction of the most prominent luxury brands. Climate change and easy access to travel influenced fashion by blurring traditional seasonal notions, such as fabric weight, colour and construction.

"The New Luxury is not about what's new; it's about what matters."

Luxury has little to do with price points but more with cultural values.​

The considered normal values have changed. The luxury consumer is present, aware and increasingly active, dramatically rewriting the rulebook of the industry. Today, the price of a luxury good is not determined by its function or quality, but by its desirability. The New Luxury paradigm is the very evolution of that desire, where experience is as important as material goods; it’s not just about what you wear but what you represent.

A-line believes that what people often refer to as digital transformation is not only about smart phones; it’s about an essential change in consumer culture, where people expect to be treated differently. New Luxury isn’t about price, it’s about culture, community, the values we share, and aligning ourselves with brands who can help enhance that worldview.

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