Introducing our limited edition:

"Ain't nothing like self-love"

An exclusive design discreetly embroidered on any A-line shirt. A special offer from us to you, to celebrate the love season and mainly self-love. 


Self-love is a mindset, a commitment to extending to ourselves the same kind of respect, compassion, and kindness that we gladly extend towards others. Self -love means loving ourselves, unconditionally, regardless of accomplishments, size or stature. 

How to bespoke your A-line shirt?

After your purchase on the website, please email to know all the details and we will process it especially for you.

Where can we bespoke your A-line shirt?

On the waistline, bottom hem, or on the yoke in the back.

Orders must be placed until March 12th. Please allow up to 5-7 working days for embroidery and delivery for bespoke orders. A-line cannot refund or exchange any customized order, unless in the case that the shirt is faulty or damaged.

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