When the noise fades away, when the lights are out when our walls become our saviours and when there’s nothing left besides fear, there’s always home. Our body, mind and soul are our ultimate address, the place where one lives permanently – so let’s make it comfortable enough to exist within. There will be feelings scrawling underneath the mat, our thoughts talk loudly, our present is formed by our many memories and what was once a part of our daytime routine suddenly becomes our whole world.

In the last year, our eyes began to look closer and our ears learned to listen consciously: SS22 A LINE collection gives us raw fabrics and natural fibers – light linens, cotton, silk and crochet – as our security blankets. The body’s movement and curves are fully embraced by satin pieces and asymmetric shapes, essential garments are deconstructed in detail adapting to change as we did. The imperfections of crinkled silk and unironed clothing now become a source of empowerment rooted in our past vulnerabilities. All are crafted in-house, in small quantities, made with respect by women for all women.