A LINE reafirmes its commitment to sustainability with the launch of an upcycled limited collection.

The Upcycling Edit includes three different pyjama sets, exclusively, created by upcycling fabrics from past seasons straight from A LINE storage. Each piece is cut from striped cotton rolls, which we can easily recognize from shirts and dresses from previous collections.

This limited collection showcases the label's affinity for clean lines and comfortable fabrics. Including a relaxed shirt and matching shorts and an eye-mask, all the pieces feature special details such as matching piping and monogramming embroidery, making both pieces perfect for lounging, sleeping or even wearing out.

As a sustainable and transparent brand, this isn’t the first time that A LINE has given a second chance to materials that were already in-house. The timeless and soft palette that A LINE is known for, allowed the brand to include the same fabrics in different collections or give them a new and sustainable twist through processes such as garment dye, rather than waste it.

Representing a new life to textiles, that may otherwise end up in landfills, the Upcycling Edit promotes a more circular society - a celebration of new purposes, meaningful designs and conscious manufacturing.

Ease Blue Stripes Pyjama Shirt_Front
Ease Blue Stripes Sleeping Mask
Serenity Blue Stripes Pyjama Set