How a white shirt and a business woman gave birth to a total look-brand

The beginning of everything seemed written in the stars. Growing up with a seamstress mother, Alexandra Carneiro started her career in the Fashion Industry specializing herself in shirt manufacturing . The rest is history – at least for A LINE, the brand she founded 4 years ago. Back then, as someone who became a new mom slash businesswoman on her own, she realized there was something missing, some kind of gap in the Fashion Industry: shirts that looked professional without compromising comfort and that were aligned with the variety of roles Women undertake nowadays (roles that may, or may not, include breastfeeding between meetings, something she often included in her own agenda back then).

This is how a brand focused in a single piece of clothing was born, armed with details that made her as beautiful as functional (it was not by chance that Marie Antoinette used the white shirt as a political weapon, back in 1738). The concept of expressing personality through this white canvas naturally evolved into a full wardrobe, especially made to women that enjoy pieces that are both mature and distinctive. Made by women for women, the brand follows a clean and timeless aesthetic, embodying the insights of someone who knows the female body and all its precious traits. With a team that is mainly made by women, the ‘A’ that is part of the brand’s name doesn’t only refer to Alexandra anymore. It refers to all the Amazing women that everyday inject their talent to create pieces that speak to their fellow ‘sisters’.

But there’s more, as it wouldn’t make sense to be conscious about the world around her, without changing it a little bit for the better. A LINE is, in fact, doing it. Being committed with the idea of reinventing the female wardrobe essentials is the starting point of the brand’s commitment with sustainability. Proudly labelled as a slow fashion brand, A LINE refuses to follow along with the frantic pace that characterizes the Fashion Industry, and is committed to educate consumers to adopt new shopping habits, without compromising details and quality. Above all, A LINE is focused in making people fall in love with its collections – after all, they promise to last a lifetime.

Well-known for its responsible manufacturing policies that respect the environment, the brand has preference for sustainable raw materials that are organic and recyclable and even though some clothes – such as the Pima Cotton – are not made of organic materials, A LINE always makes sure every piece is the result of a responsible production. Because it’s not all about clothing, it’s about the people behind it as well: not only internally, making sure every member of the team has suitable working conditions, but also externally, by partnering with local manufacturers and suppliers that have preference for craftmanship (even when speaking about packaging). And it’s also about being a brand that cares: light colours help compose the colour palette due to its kindness for sensitive skins; the non-use of polyester is justified to avoid allergic reactions; and, of course, there’s an endless number of details that, even if they seem out of sight, are a huge part of A LINE DNA. After all, it’s like we learned in some other story: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.