Introducing a very special collaboration with Portuguese ceramic lab FAM – Feito à Mão (Made by Hand). A customized selection of elevated workwear items and accessories, thoughtfully designed to be comfortable while being pragmatic.
A LINE signature details were paired back in favor of boxy and loose silhouettes intended to be the perfect FAM work attire.
From a jumpsuit to a pair of sleeves, this special project is the result of a meeting of minds and a shared ambition between A LINE and Portuguese ceramist, Lígia Guedes.

FAM blends the artisan traditions of Portuguese craft with subtle elegance creating contemporary, functional and durable tiles and ceramic objects.
Bringing together craftsmanship and design, Lígia Guedes’s pieces tell stories and materialize thoughts paying tribute to Porto’s culture of influence.
FAM dedicates its collection to a narrative always committed to the simplicity of shape, natural glazes inspired by nature, and a story behind each object.

“I don’t describe my sculptures as furniture design but as a homage to the Porto-influenced culture that has shaped our ceramic practice thus far.” – Lígia Guedes

Ceramic artist Lígia Guedes is deeply linked to the Portuguese traditional handcrafts. Primarily using clay, she works across the fields of art and design.
After several years of working in fashion, Lígia decided to focus her creativity and vision on ceramics, creating FAM studio in 2020 when a coincidence brought her to collaborate with a master in ceramic, a mentor for her in the process of knowledge and understanding of traditional clay work and glazes.