Meet the maker: How to sell Sustainability

Meet the maker:
How to sell Sustainability

Still on sustainability and the event, by Alexandra Carneiro:

It feels like brands are trying to get their products to reach to their final consumer by using an ‘eco-friendly’ stamp – often in the attempt to make it seem like they’re ‘in’. This only leads to unleashed consumerism though, and this circles back to what we first shared as a tip:

– Rethink your wardrobe by buying less and by buying quality!


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What's the meaning of sustainability to you and A-line Clothing?

To me, and to us as a brand, sustainability means a lot more than the use of organic raw materials. It relates more to the concept of circular (and human) economy being applied on a daily basis; in fact, this strategic concept is at the core of the way we think business.


Any thoughts on the importance of these events?

The ‘Meet the Maker’ event helped me realize that we’ve always pushed towards the development of good practices, but never like now have we been in the position to push further and reinvent ourselves! Since its inception, the brand has always focused on designing quality products (premium products), and our fabrics and accessories have always been dutifully selected, we are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, and this means our products can be screened.

This event, together with all the interactions it enabled, made me aware of situations we go through all the time, thinking we are alone in them, when, in fact, we are not. This is why raising awareness and sharing ideas is truly important in this industry:
Together we stand, divided we fall!


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