Joining the fight against Covid-19

Joining the fight against Covid-19

Last week, we decided to refocus our production line and start producing protection masks to distribute to our closest community.
Using certified deadstock fabric to manufacture and distribute reusable face masks, A-line will produce approximately 700 units. They will be free of charge on online orders, and they will be distributed to all the team members, including their closest family.
As a socially responsible brand, the donations will also cover some local health care centers, mainly with senior people in need.


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A-line is an OEKO-TEX® certified company, therefore, all the fabrics and accessories that are being used are certified, purchased within our local community and suppliers.

With CITEVE Textile Technology, our official Portuguese Technological Institute, we’re able to make sure these masks are well constructed and within all the legal parameters of the Portuguese Ministry of Health.

Although these masks can’t provide full coverage against coronavirus they can stop coughs and remind the wearer not to touch their face and, above all, leave the surgical masks and N-95 respirators for medical professionals.

We are all in this together and very proud to help our local community and those who keep working to support all of us during this difficult battle.

Joining the fight against Covid-19

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